Academic Programmes

The Department offers the following academic programmes:

  • M.Tech. (Hydrology): It is a 24-month academic programme. Delivery of lectures, tutorials and practicals are included in the first year. In the first year, students deliver a seminar on a research topic and continue to work on it during second year leading to a dissertation.
  • PG. Diploma (Hydrology): It is a 12-month academic programme. It consists of all academic curriculum requirements of the first year of M.Tech. (Hydrology) programme.
  • Ph.D. in Hydrology:
    The department is actively engaged in various research areas of hydrology. So far, seventy one scholars of the Department have been awarded Ph.D. degrees. Currently, twenty scholars are registered with the Department for pursuing their research leading to Ph.D. degree.

Note: The candidate has to clearly indicate in the beginning of registration about is/her choice for attending either one-year P.G. Diploma or two-year M.Tech. Academic Programme.


A candidate can opt for pursuing his M.Tech./P.G. Diploma studies through any of the following three specializations offered by the Department:

  • Surface Water Hydrology
  • Ground Water Hydrology
  • Watershed Management

The courses offered under these specializations consist of core courses along with various departmental elective courses.

  Apart from the major courses of specialization, candidate has an option to opt courses on minor specializations offered by the department or other departments/Centres of IIT Roorkee. The students are free to opt from any of the offered courses to strengthen their base depending upon their inclination towards other disciplines.

   Working on a project and preparation of its report constitutes an important aspect of the academic programme. The students are required to complete the hydrological analysis needed for a comprehensive project related to their fields of specialization.