Dr. D.S.Arya
Professer & Head
01332 285370
Interests : GIS and Remote Sensing Applications, Urban Floods, Climate Change Impact Studies, Hydrological Data Analysis
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Bharat Singh Chair for Water Resources
Interests : Stochastic Hydrology, Extreme value estimation, Flood estimation and forecasting, modelling, Power generation projects and pipeline projects, hydrological analysis and planning, Area specific hydrological problems, Project hydrology Details : Click Here
Dr.Himanshu Joshi
Interest :Environmental monitoring, modeling,Impact assessment & management, Environmental monitoring, modeling,Impact assessment & management
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Dr.M. Perumal
Interests :. Rainfall-Runoff Analysis, Flood Routing and Flood Forecasting,Ungauged catchment studies, Dam Break, Flood Analysis, Dam Break modelling, Hydrometry,Open-channel Hydraulics.
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Dr. Manoj Jain
Associate Professor
Interests : Watershed Hydrology, Modelling of Hydrologic and Hydraulic Systems, Remote Sensing and GIS Applications, Distributed Modelling of Rainfall-Run-off-Soil Erosion Processes
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Dr. Brijesh Kumar Yadav
Associate Professor
Interests : Groundwater Hydrology, Environmental Hydrology, Subsurface moisture flow and contaminant transport modeling, Bioremediation of non-aqueous phase liq
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Dr.Sumit Sen
Assistant Professer
Interests : Field and modeling experiments to investigate water movement through various watershed components, Understanding Surface Runoff Generation Mechanisms
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