Faculty Participation

Participation of Faculty in Seminar/ Symposia/ Workshop/ Guest Lecture

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Dr. M. Perumal HYDRO-2013 International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources, Coastal and Environmental Engineering

IIT Madras, Chennai


Dec. 04-06, 2013
Dr. B.K. Yadav Applied Modeling of Water Resources Systems Gujarat Technical University, Ahmedabad March 31, 2014
Dr. B.K. Yadav Eco-technologies for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse UNESCO-IHE Delft Netherlands November 29, 2013
Dr. B.K. Yadav Research in porous media science and technology Utrecht University November 25-26, 2013
Dr. B.K. Yadav Groundwater Management in Uttarakhand CGWB, Dehradun on Feb 15, 2013
Prof. Himanshu Joshi Indo-UK workshop on Future Cities organized by British High Commission, India Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi Feb. 24-25, 2013
Indo-Australian workshop on Treatment of Distillery Spentwash UNSW, Australia Dec 1-4, 2013
Dr. D S Arya National Seminar on Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources Systems Organized by Civil Engineering Department, Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology, Limda, Vadodara Nov. 28-30, 2013
Dr. Brijesh K. Yadav Center for Rural Development and Technology

IIT Delhi


Nov. 30, 2012
Dr. M. Perumal Water Management in Changing Environment (WARMIE-2012) NIH Roorkee Feb. 8-9, 2012
Dr. M. Perumal National seminar on "Advances in flood and cyclone forecasting" APSDMS, Hyderabad Nov. 10-11, 2011
Dr. Manoj K. Jain National seminar on "Advances in flood and cyclone forecasting" APSDMS, Hyderabad Nov. 10-11, 2011
Dr. D.C. Singhal National Seminar on “Water and Environment” Bhopal 12-13 March, 2011
Dr. H. Joshi Indo-Canadian Workshop on Adaptive and Sustainable solutions for Water Integrity, Safety, Security and Supply Chandigarh 7-8 Jan, 2011
Dr. D.C. Singhal 8th IAHS Scientific Assembly and 37th IAH Congress Hitech International Conference Centre, Hyderabad

Sept. 6, 2009 -

Sept. 10, 2009

Dr. M.K. Jain Seminar on ‘Management of Land and Natural Resources and Protection of Environment. Vientiane Capital City, Lao PDR. March 01 – 06, 2010.
Dr. Himanshu Joshi IP UNilink Consortium meeting. IIT Roorkee. August 10-11, 2009.

Visit of Faculty Members to other Institutions

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Institute/Organization Visited

Purpose of Visit

Dates of Visit

Dr. M. Perumal Research Institute for Geo-Hydrological Protection (CNR-IRPI), Perugia, Italy For interaction with the researchers of CNR-IRPI, Perugia on Flood Estimation Methods Oct. 07-09, 2013
Dr. Himanshu Joshi  

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Attend a joint UNSW-IITR workshop under Indo-Australian Research Project  

Nov. 30 – Dec 9, 2013

University of Portmouth, UK Academic Interaction under UKIERI grant of British Council June 5 – 21, 2013
Dr. B.K Yadav Utrecht University, Netherlands To attend Symposium on ‘Research in porous media science and technology’ and to discuss developments in experimental work on bioremediation 24-28 November, 2013
UNESCO-IHE Delft, Netherlands To attend mini-symposium titled ‘Eco-technologies for domestic wastewater treatment and reuse’ and to review a PhD thesis. November 29, 2013
Dr. D.S. Arya Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand


To start collaboration with AIT. 22/12/2013
Dr. D.C. Singhal International Convention Centre, Perth, Australia To attend International Association of Hydrogeologists Congress, September 15-20, 2013.
Dr. M. Perumal Belmont Forum-International Opportunities Fund Meeting at London,U.K. To attend the Panel of Experts committee meeting of Belmont Forum for pre-proposal review Sep. 11-12, 2012
Dr. M. Perumal

Dr. N.K. Goel

University of Teknology MARA Shah Alam, Malaysia To attend the kick-off meeting of the International Flood Initiative Jan. 15-18, 2013
National Science Foundation, Arlington, VA22230, USA To attend Panel of Experts Committee meeting of Belmont Forum for final proposal review March 19-20, 2013
WMO, Switzerland


Official discussions about collaboration July 20-21, 2013
Dr. Himanshu Joshi University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands To attend the discussions of Global Water Footprint Network Committee July 03-16, 2012
Dr. Himanshu Joshi University of Portmouth and UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKIERI) Academic Interaction under UKIERI grant Nov. 29 -Dec.23, 2012
Dr. D.S. Arya Technical University, Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany To attend International Conference on Hydroinformatics July 13-15 & 18, 2012
Climate Service Centre, Hamburg, Germany Collaboration in the area of Climate Change July 16, 2012
World Meteorological Origination, Geneva, Switzerland Collaboration between WMO and the Department July 16-18, 2012
Dr. M.K. Jain ASABE, USA To attend ASABE Annual International Meet at Dallas, Texas, USA July 29-Aug.01, 2012
Dr. M. Perumal Research Institute of Geo-Hydrological Protection Collaborative research on flood modeling Dec. 7-23, 2011
Dr. D. S. Arya Hadley MetOffice Centre, Reading University, UK   August, 20-28, 2012 To attend a Workshop on RCMs Aug. 20-28, 2012
Dr. D.C.Singhal Ministry of Water Resources, New Delhi To attend 17th meeting of standing Advisory Committee (SAC) of HOWR regarding research and development in water sector 28.10.2010
Dr. H. Joshi Ministry of Rural Development, Department of Drinking Water & Sanitation, New Delhi RDAC meeting 16.06.2010
Dr. D.C. Singhal Ministry of Water Resources To attend 16th meeting of Standing Advisory Committee (SAC) for R &D programme of MoWR Dec. 14, 2009
Dr. M. Perumal Research Institute for Hydrogeological Protection, Perugia Italy Collaborative Research Sep. 21 – Oct. 02, 2009