Message from Director

Water is the driving force of Mother Nature. Life starts with water. It flows gently in grace without any specific direction; it runs through all imaginable colours and teaches lessons of life. Water has the potential to give off bubbles and change into streams and rivers. The two spectrums of water: excess and scarce, should be managed with the brilliance of learning in the field of hydrology. Handling the unforeseen challenges involving the interaction of man with the hydrological environment on the global scale, such as climate change will require hydrologic experts.

It gives me immense joy to write about the nucleus of knowledge i.e. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee where pliable minds are fostered with wisdom of proficiency. IIT Roorkee started its golden pages as the first Engineering College of Asia and among the commonwealth countries, in 1847. The college added feathers to its aim of sparking thoughts, imaginations, aspirations and service to the nation thereby elevating itself as the first Engineering University of independent India, namely the University of Roorkee. In 2001, it was metamorphosed into the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. The Department of Hydrology is part of this glorious Institution and is a unique entity in the country.

Since the beginning of the Department in 1972, the Department has immensely contributed in the area of hydrologic education and research. The courses aim at training and producing the best engineers/ scientists not only from India but also from countries of Asia, Africa, South America etc. Acknowledging the importance of hydrology education in the development of a nation, International agencies like UNESCO,WMO have established long-term collaboration with the Department and are sponsoring International students. Realizing the significance of a hydrologist in building a nation, Government of India is also offering fellowships to international students from developing countries under various schemes like ITEC/ SCAAP etc.

I invite all the prospective applicants working in various organizations in India and abroad to be an integral member of this conducive learning environment and a department, which has taken an illustrious voyage since its inception. This brochure outlines details like academic programmes, eligibility criteria, fellowships, fee etc. that will be helpful to the potential candidates.

Prof. A.K. Chaturvedi
Director, IIT Roorkee