Thrust Areas

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[fruitful_tab title=”Surface Water Hydrology”]

Water availability and design flood studies
Hydrological data collection, processing and analysis
Water Resources Planning and System Studies
Reservoir Operation Studies
Hydrological investigations and planning
Climate Change Studies
[fruitful_tab title=”Ground Water Hydrology”]
Ground Water Modelling and Recharge Estimation
Hydrogeological and Geophysical Investigation for identification of tube well sites.
[fruitful_tab title=”Hydroinformatics”]
Decision support systems including web and GIS based systems
Remote Sensing and GIS Applications in Hydrology
[fruitful_tab title=”Watershed Hydrology”]
Watershed Modelling & Management
Agricultural and Urban Drainage Studies
Soil Erosion Assessment and Management
Spatial Decision Support Systems for Watershed Management
[fruitful_tab title=”Environmental Hydrology”]
Eco-friendly technologies for waste water treatment and water remediation

Environmental Assessment of Agro-Urban watersheds
Vulnerability Assessment of groundwater systems
Decision Support Systems for Environmental Management

Environmental Hydrology